Spotify Playlist Summer Melancholy
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Spotify Playlist: Summer Melancholy

As a child, I would have liked my year to have consisted only of summer months. Hazelnut ice cream, outdoor pool weather and the smell of sun cream. Nowadays I appreciate and celebrate every season.
In autumn I like to roam through brightly coloured woods and walk over rustling leaves. I have a weakness for freezing cold winter days. When you slip outside into the warmth with rosy cheeks and make yourself comfortable with a cup of cocoa. Hardly a more joyful feeling than when you are spoiled by the first rays of the spring sun and the Neustadt district of Mainz is adorned with lushly blooming splendour.

And yet every year I find it particularly difficult to say goodbye to summer. Long, mild evenings on the Rhine, filling my stomach with barbecue orgies, summer dress and sandal weather and weekends at the lake.

So one last time for this season, wear your favourite summer outfit, spend a night under the stars and say goodbye to summer with some melancholy sounds.

Summer is a state of mind

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