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I am Sarah, a journalist, with an excessive curiosity about new countries, cities, people and cultures – and last but not least: In search of my destiny and my very personal place in this vast world.

On Itchy Feet Blog I combine two of my passions: writing and photography. What fascinates me about writing is that you basically only need your head, a pen and a piece of paper to create something. And taking photographs makes me walk through the world in a completely different way. Since I have been more intensely engaged in it, I take things around me in a completely different way. My eye for detail has changed and changing perspectives gives me a new perspective on things.

And when I have achieved to make your feet tingle a little bit with my texts and pictures and awaken wanderlust in you, then I have reached my goal. And who knows, maybe there are some stories that will inspire you to plunge into one or the other travel adventure.

A summer in Rome – or: How it all began

It’s 2012, and after graduating in Ethnology and Philosophy, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream: I rented a flat in one of the side streets of the Campo dei Fiori and booked a one-way flight to Rome. The beginning of a very special summer – and my travel blog.

… and so the adventure begins

Even after my time in Rome I still have wanderlust and I spend as much time as possible getting to know new places, people and cultures. I will never tire of looking for new adventures and stories and being fascinated by the beauty of our planet.

Do you live in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden or one of the charming little towns in between and are you looking for excursion tips on your doorstep? Or are you planning a holiday in the region and are happy to receive restaurant recommendations? Then take a look at my Rhein-Main blog.

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